Strangely enough, Artist/Sculptor Kevin Stenzel learned the art of life casting through his 30 plus years experience in taxidermy where he became one of the top fish reproduction artists in the country. Kevin and his working partner/wife Cindy completed the “Life Casting for Professionals Workshop” together at the Academy of Life Casting in Denver, Colorado to sharpen their lifecasting skills and are certified by the Association of Lifecasters International (ALI). Over the years, Kevin has also trained with some of the worlds most talented Artists.

Hard work and attention to detail has given Kevin the ability to produce some of the best quality life castings available in the world today.

We also have various life casting kits (complete with instructions) available for those wishing to experiment with molding & casting on your own (in the privacy of your own home), and offer one on one personal training (tailored to fit your needs) for those wishing to learn more about the art of life casting. If interested, please contact us for details.