It is difficult to give exact prices for finished pieces, as there are so many variables. Size, different body part(s) being molded, complexity of pose and chosen finish all effect the final cost. However, our prices start at just $50 for an infant’s hand or foot and we are usually able to customize a piece to work within most anyone’s budget.

Many different finishes are available, including White Hydrocal, Hydro-Stone, Forton MG, Paint(s), Simulated Marble/Granite, Cold Cast Metals, Ceramic, Raku and Foundry Cast Bronze to name a few.

An initial consultation is recommended, where we will take measurements, discuss your needs and all options available to you. We feel the more informed you are, the more comfortable you will be in making your decision and the better the final result will be. We will then quote you a final price, and if you choose to have us do a casting for you, will require half down prior to our molding session, and balance due upon completion.

Life Casts also make great gifts and Gift Certificates are available!

We realize that your decision for a lifecasting is a very personal matter, and will work with you to make your choices as easy as possible. Our goal is to create an original piece of art unique to you.

Life casting kits (complete with instructions) are also available from us for those wishing to try molding & casting on your own and in the privacy of your own home.