On the day of our molding, it is recommended that you wear old clothing. Although we can cover up areas not being molded, it can be a rather messy process and we wouldn’t want any good clothing to be ruined. On the way to our studio, it is also important to not wear any tight fitting clothes on body parts to be molded as they can often leave marks that show in finished cast.

The Lifecasting Process:

All products used in our process are all natural and completely safe. Our primary molding material is a dental grade alginate which originates from kelp (sea weed). We have even been told that the experience is similar to a body wrap at a spa.

First we decide on a pose and position you as comfortably as possible. If hair is involved, we apply a high quality hair conditioner which acts as a mold release. The first step in making the mold is applying the alginate which captures the detail. After that a support shell is created to retain it’s shape. Once the molding process is started, it goes pretty quick, usually about 30 minutes until mold can be removed and you are free to leave.

Then our work starts in making your custom body sculpture, which will be completed in 3-5 weeks depending on the final casting material chosen.

The Experience:

Kevin & Cindy want your life casting experience to be as memorable as possible. You are welcome to bring along a partner or friend and they are encouraged to bring a camera if you would like to record the special event. We can also take photographs at various stages of the molding process if requested.

What we can Mold:

If you can imagine it, chances are we can mold it. Give us a call to discuss your special needs or ideas.

Life casts also make great gifts. Whether a couples joined hands celebrating an engagement/wedding/ special anniversary, a belly cast for expectant parents and even newborns little hands & feet, it will be a special gift that will last for generations. Gift certificates are also available.

Do it now before age & gravity take effect. We often hear our clients say “I wish I had done that when I was younger!”

Life Casting can make the ultimate gift!